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This is Random drawings of my Characters

A Pretty morning v(°∇^*)⌒☆

A Pretty morning v(°∇^*)⌒☆
Omg I’m back pitches with my art miss me @( o・ω・)@

A Pretty morning is a play on phase for her name. This is what I do a lot to make a silly joke of how I name my characters therefore “A Pretty morning” or “A sweet Melody” for my character Melody. Pretty is a girl who often gets injured a lot for unknown reasons. Because of this he family questions her wellbeing.
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A Random Drawing ##

A Random Drawing of Ichi, Who doesn’t let much hurt her, mainly because she can be hurt. Join my happy little family to learn more about Aichi and others. Check out someone also like her Enchanting
Even though there a like they have plenty of differents
(ヾ; ̄▽ ̄)ヾ However they get along anyway I guess. Keep up to date with my website.

  • Name: Ichi Green
  • Age: 27
  • Info: she is an ex-Assassin and newly recruited marine.
  • early life: she lived with her family until she was 10 due to break Ichi’s lif never has been the same
  • Family: Mom (Lison Green)-Dead Dad(Van Green)-Dead Brother(Itachi Green)-Missing

The Odds

Sweet Melody

Row Your Boat